New inspector marketing article: Marketing Tip for Inspectors: Have more than one w

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Now that is marketing.
Nice to see Condo Bob, Chicago’s number one HI depositing seeds for all Hommies.
A big Thank You from this HI.

I got more credit than a rant/blurb deserves but Nick and Chris are being kind.

Interesting timing here in that my method of pseudo psychic powers stabbed me in the back today.

Agent emails that clients wishes a inspection within 24 hours and wants a price quote with little info given.
Stage 2 is I request the address
Stage 3 is me looking at listings Google satellite and street view where I determine that the place is a 3 story and 4 unit building with most likely an illegal apt and notice that 75% of the buildings are identical on the block (same developer).
Stage 4 I email back with this…I see it is a present 3 unit built 1993 though looks more like 2007-08 split block typical for that era with rear metal porch system and notice same developer did most of the buildings on that block.

Agent emails she will call in the morning but I never hear from her again…guess why and what I did wrong.

Remember knowledge is a good thing but using it properly and having timing mean even more.
End game is a a man referred from a past client booked for the same time and I got lucky perhaps as split block is a law suit waiting to happen at many of these places.
Just Google “split block” and “split block Chicago” if you leave in a location where it is not common.

Again modesty.
You have always been a positive influence to the INACHI association. One of the sterling members on the MB…

Marketing eludes many.
I was going to call you personal several times but my life seems to be timed events for the past year.

Great work Bob.
Great material Nick and Chris.
They are always kind to the flock.:slight_smile:

Great home inspection blog article. Lately my custom content is all about the different towns in my service area… St. Catharines Home Inspector - Get Your Heating Ducts Cleaned? , Niagara Home Inspections Reveal Energy Saving Opportunities, Welland Home Inspection Reveals Aluminium Wiring, etc.

Thanks to your blog I understand how to take this even further in the real world. Time to retool my home inspection advertising tools!

Very nice Mr. Adam’s.

Looks good nice site however why is a 12 pages (aprox) PDF over 31 MB ?
That is insanely large.

Very well written! Need to private brand these.

Great Information on Home Inspection Marketing.

David Johnson

That is an interesting idea. I never thought to pull up the home online while on the phone, but might give it a try during one of my next calls. Will have to give it a few dry runs and see how it goes…