New Inspector Marketing During Coronavirus


I am seeking some assistance or ideas about marketing my services as a new inspector, starting my business during this virus outbreak.

I have been working w/ all of my local RE contacts and family, friends, etc, promoting my name and services. I have a website (, flyers, although supply line delays have held up my business cards.

Since most RE offices are closed in my area (Seattle), I have been email “blasting” hundreds of local agents in my region, with only a handful of “I’ll keep you in mind” replies. I’ve also set up my LinkedIn and Google accounts.

My next thought was to drive around to new listings and tape my flyers on the broker door locks at vacant houses, since open houses are not authorized at the moment and showings are by appointment only.

I am also a veteran and am trying to focus in on a few military and veteran specific RE offices as a niche of sorts.

Any thoughts or tips is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I’ve never gotten anywhere distributing print or crashing RE offices and open houses, even during pre-COVID years. I don’t know how it is in your area, but most agents around mine won’t refer you unless they’ve worked with you before or you come recommended by another agent.

Especially during this time, I would work on getting your online marketing in order. Start on your organic SEO and try some pay per click ads. Some of the other pay per click websites (Yelp, etc.) Work also. This is not only a way to get paying clients, but you’re also “trying out” for a spot on the referral list of the agent they bring along. Emphasis on the latter, because internet marketing alone probably won’t keep you busy full time.

Honestly, the 1st year or so can be a crapshoot. You really have to get a decent number of inspections out there to “get the ball rolling.” Join a NAR board as soon as possible and go to meetings regularly. Get on a committee and keep plugging away. If you’re consistent with everything, don’t give up, and do good inspections you should start to get traction between year 2-5.


Welcome Lee good luck!
In the current virus situation we’re in, some may see this as a possible infection.
We know better but it is what may be perceived by some.I don’t think it’s a good option to keep you name out front in these times.
Perhaps email the new listing’s agent & wish good luck with the sale & if I can be of help please contact me anytime. :cowboy_hat_face:
Don’t forget to include a “discount coupon”.

Join your local real estate association, some email you every month or 2 with a new agent list. Whether that is newly licensed agents or just members new to the association depends on the association. I’ve started going on my real estate association facebook page and started messaging members with just a “Hi, Im XXX of XXX Inspections. I noticed we’re both members of XYZ. Just wanted to introduce myself. If you have any questions about home inspections or home maintenance feel free to contact me at 111-111-1111 or visit xxxinspections. com”

Lee, If you have not already, you should have a professional business card and brochure produced and ready to hand out once businesses are open again. Visit: for help with design services on your company logo, truck signs, business cards and brochures. I have found that a good brochure (delivered bi-monthly to real estate offices) and an occasional email reminder to agents works well. During the stay at home order you can send emails and mail boxed brochures to your agent contacts.

Hi Lee, just remember that some of the established multi-inspector firms are hammering agents by phone. I have one Realtor who was called twice in one day. So, while there is definitely a time and place for a phone campaign, this may not be the best time for that. Google will drain your account dry in a heartbeat so hyper-targeting of specific areas is important, IMO. Now is a good time to invest in yourself. Perhaps work towards your code certifications through the ICC. Being code certified is important when doing new home and phase inspections.

Lee you can put information so it will appear under each post that you make, in your signature, and help your SEO organically ( Search Engine Optimization).

If you want to do that, follow these instructions:

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And, welcome to our forum, Lee!..Enjoy! :smile:

Thanks.I figured some people might want to snitch if I handed out flyers. As if nobody is capable of wearing gloves when touching something. Hopefully it doesn’t happen.

The new listings email is a great idea. Thanks for the help.

Thanks, Hank.

I have been doing a lot of CEUs in the mean time. Thanks for the ICC tip.

Welcome back to our forum, Hank! nice to see you more…Enjoy! :smile:

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