New inspector strikes again

Guy charged $200.00 for a 1953 house with a crawl space. Wrote up everything as fine (according to the buy). I did the 4-point and windstorm inspections (for the same price as his inspection). He missed the electrical panel that needs to be replaced, the fact that the incoming wires were too low, and there were no outlets in the bathrooms. Oh, and he also missed the flat roof that was homeowner installed with wrong materials.

Gotta love these low ballers.

Come on Bill, those are all minor issues anyway. When do we close?:mrgreen::mrgreen:

This is where the agent has a primary role. Too many agents are steering buyers towards more price friendly inspectors in which they already know aren’t going to find defects that will blow the deal. Most mortgage related purchases are FHA programs, with this comes the conditions report with the appraisal. So, if they have an inspector and appraiser in their pocket, there is less of a chance to blow the deal. Where they make their second mistake, is that most RE agents are completely unaware of the insurance underwriting guidelines on older homes. I can’t tell you how many times I have had blow-out conversations with agents "that have been in the business for years’ and “have never heard of such garbage” regarding the 4 point criteria and mandated life expectancy. And, because Florida OIR hasn’t standardized the report, there will continue to be this type of conflict.