New inspectors

Gotta make their own baby furniture :slight_smile:

I couldn’t afford the nice one from babies r us that my wife wanted so I got tasked with making it. Primed and ready for paint :slight_smile:

Oh all the images didn’t show up

Home inspecting, wrestling coaching, going to school, raising a kid, and building furniture.

Dang I wish I was back in my 20’s :slight_smile:

My wife still doesn’t think I do anything!

Really nice.

Thanks Nick!

Made my kids bed too

My girlfriend makes my bed everyday ! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

How do they get in there at that angle Juan,lol. Nice Jobs brother!!

Did you have it inspected? :smiley:

My son tests the structural integrity of it everyday. On his birthday there were about 5 kids on it. The bed was found to be structurally sound at the time of inspection. I can’t guarantee it’s future condition :slight_smile:

What a coincidence, she makes mine too!


That’s a future heirloom. No “nice one” from babies-r-us will ever achieve that status.

A future heirloom? That’s the best compliment I’ve received all day about it.( I posted it on Facebook)

Very impressed with your work Juan.

What is this about you being a wrestling coach? Life long passion of mine. Left my shoes on the practice room mat a few years ago after having both knees and left shoulder repaired in less then a year. Worlds oldest and greatest sport.

Tell that to the IOC :twisted:

Good job Juan
As I did for my kids, they will last for there kids…

Thanks man. I got asked to do it two years ago. A high school coach was sick of getting freshman who had never wrestled before. He had me start this program for middle school and under. We had 5 kids our first year. This year we had 22. I had an assistant but he was hit or miss. I need help as we are hopin for 35 next year. We are culminating the season on sat in the VAWA tournament in Richmond.

Did you hear they removed it from the Olympics?! I was so mad.


International Olympic Committee