New Insulation with an R-Factor of 28 per inch

Kind of hard to believe.

They are VIP

How do you nail in or drill through them, however :smiley: What do you do if you lose vacuum :thinking:

Wondering the same thing myself. Here is the installation instructions here; I haven’t read it yet though.

Wow, R-28 per inch? Incredible…

WOW! That is something.

Reading the installation instructions, they are for use on roof membrane systems and have to be sandwiched between layers of conventional insulation. You have to use cuttable infil strips at penetrations, irregularities and gaps in fitment.

Sounds like it’s incredibly fragile to me, but the rated R-value is impressive.

Being gas filled, as I understand it, will make penetrations difficult, no?

Interesting! It is amazing how much I do not know. Thanks for the link Marcel:grinning:

Fragile it is. Wonder if it can be installed without damage is even possible. There would be no way of knowing.
Most likely expensive also.