New InterNACHI school in Miami is now open for Home Inspector Pre-Licensing Classes

New InterNACHI school in Miami is now open for Home Inspector Pre-Licensing Classes.

Our instructor is Mario Tarasiuk, who fluently teaches in both English and Spanish. Mario translated for President Ronald Reagan and is the English-Spanish translator for InterNACHI’s home maintenance book (Spanish edition).


Perfect! Just what all the existing S FL inspectors need–more ‘licensed’ amateurs to drive down prices further!

Why not set up shop in a state where there are few inspectors, instead of where there are already almost 7,000, the most in any state by FAR?

Ben, this is AFU!

Hi, Pete.
It seems that the market determines the number of inspectors. And I don’t believe there are any states with a “few inspectors.” InterN simply listens to demand, and that’s why we have Mario Tarasiuk opening up a new location for pre-licensing. Mario is fluent in both English and Spanish, which helps open up a whole new opportunity for students who’s first language is Spanish.

In relation to licensing, there’s a role for InterN to play that helps both the consumer and inspector. When a consumer hires an InterN inspector, they can be assured in hiring a professional who has gone through the “toughest” certification requirements in the industry. The inspector benefits because, in states that licenses inspectors, business marketing becomes critical, and professionals must focus on branding their business in order to compete. And InterN helps inspectors with marketing and branding in several ways, including logo and print marketing design services (free to members). I like your branding concept of the 5 Guarantees – brilliant to include the $10,000 Honor Guarantee]( as one of the five.

Ben, I have a serious question that you should at least consider.

Since NACHi membership is capped at 10,000 and it is already slightly over that, what is the plan when you are training new inspectors?

And hosting webinars titled “How To Become A Home Inspector”?

Which recently had a least a 1,000 people sign-up for.

About 1/3 of all inspectors fail in 1 year, or simply never grow beyond getting certified. Therefore, InterN is constantly training, certifying, bringing “new” people into the business, and providing them with the “stuff” they need to be successful and stick around for a while.

The webinar was actually tweaked to “How to become a successful home inspector.” About 350 non-members attended. The rest were InterNACHI members. We categorized success in 13 parts.