New investigation

Here’s a new project I’ve started.
Home is a 1940 era full dormered cape with a finished breezeway off the kitchen that connects to the garage.
Client called because of a minor roof leak that can’t seem to stop.
Metal roof installed 7 years ago, started leaking off and on since February.
Roofer has gone back several times and can’t figure it out.
IR pictures clearly show moisture intrusion but also missing insulation.
Use of my bore scope inside the wall shows signs of rodent infestation, roof sheathing has a hole chewed through it. Client states that a red squirrel got into the house through the garage and into the finished breezeway that connects the garage to the house. The leak is directly below the outside corner of the second story full dormer.
My initial thought is the squirrel has caused the leak and we are scheduled to remove the ceiling in two weeks to confirm, hopefully, this is the cause.
I’ll post more pictures, including the exterior when we start. Client and the roofer is relieved that we may be on the right track and it all makes sense to both of them.

Another use of thermal imaging.


IR_0501 (2).jpg