New Jersey Home inspectors

I currently own an inspection company and I am NACHI certified. Is there any special procedures that I have to go through to add home inspections to my company profile? What are the procedures or am I able to start doing them once I submit my preinspections to the board? Do I have complete anything in NJ for a seperate certification?

Yes, you must go to school and get 40 hours of field experience!

If you are a PE you can apply without going to school.

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I still need to go to school, even if I am a certified by the ICC as a residential/commercial building, plumbing, mechanical, accessibility plans examiner and inspector? I also perform U & O inspections for 5 municipalities. That just doesn’t seem right to me. I am certified (international) to inspect a new housing development from the intial clearing of the site to the final U & O of the last house that has been built in the development. I do have a Civil Engineering degree from Drexel. I just never wanted my P.E. I own my own business doing building inspections for 5 municipalities and I am contracted by 3 engineering firms to conduct all f their inspections.

Any thoughts?


Sorry but yes!