50 yr old seriously looking into becoming a home inspector

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Hello this is my first post. My name is Marshall Gemal. Currently I own a handyman service company in central NJ. We employ on a part time basis about 20 independant contractors who estimate and perform work for our clients. My personal background has been in marketing, management and sales however I’ve always been handy and as a result created this company with 2 other partners. I often do estimates with my GC’s and so I’ve picked up a great deal of knowledge on most aspects of home construction. My dellimma is that my company is just 6 mos old with an up and down cash flow problem. I’m seriously thinking of selling off my share to my partners and working for myself to build up my own home inspection company. I’ve spoken to some inspectors who sometimes refer my company (along with others) about their business and all are happy with the money, flexibility and low expense associated with the position. I’m 50 years old, well educated and have a keen eye, so I’m thinking that this could be a great career to carry me to the next (I hope 25 years)! I’m starting from scratch so here’s my question…what are my options in NJ? Is there a school I can go to or a course I can take? I’ve seen some online course are they any good? What about franchises? Is there a mentoring program or an apprenticeship way of getting starting? Please realize I don’t want any short cuts, I’m a pretty ethical person business wise and want to do the best to satisfy my clients and so I would want to start with the best education possible locally in NJ if possible. Thank you and hope to get some honest forthright replies. Marshall

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icon_biggrin.gifI am new to NACHI, but I would suggest you read every posting you can. There is an abundance of information there and most of your questions will be answered. There are alot of knowledgable members here, and I spend alot of time watching the message postings. Good luck

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I’m 58 and have been an inspector for about 4 years. I started out part time and then took the plung. It hasn’t been easy but it is starting to to show alot of promise. My background was in construction and plumbing. I still decided to attend a home inspection school. I attended The American Home Inspectors Training School. ( AHIT) I was satisfied and it gave me the boost I needed. They also provided a 2 day marketing school which helped me with ideas to get started. They have a web site that will give you all the details. www.AHIT.com. ITA also has a good school. I don’t beleive any of these have schools in NJ so you may have to travel some but it will be worth it.

I haven’t found this a get rich quick business. It is slow getting into the grove but once you do it goes fast.

NACHI has been great with there input in marketing and education. Read all you can on site.

Good luck, I wish the best for you.

Bob Smithson