New Jersey NPMA 33 form requirements

Has there been any clarification on who can and cannot use these forms according to the State of NJ? The New Jersey bureaucracy can lead you down a rabbit hole you don’t want to find yourself in but I haven’t been able to get any clarity on the matter. HUD says its up to the state, the state says its up to HUD, NPMA says you need an applicators license but I don’t believe they are affiliated with the NJDEP. Does anyone know what the deal is?

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Someone fro NJ will be along to help you.

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I have been trying to find out too. I was told by the DEP that the 7B class is required to fill out the form, but the website says it is 2 classes and now the DEP won’t respond to clarify. And the other issue is that the state is not offering the class until the fall and won’t say if any other source can certify for the test. :man_shrugging:

NPMA 33 is a Federal form. If you do not have a pesticide license in any state, you can not use the form.
as the form has a spot that requires your pesticide license # and your business license #.
I am licensed in Missouri. it was 2 tests I needed to take. to get my 7B license. Studied for about a week before the test. I was not required to take any classes. But it would help allot. As the big test has lots to do about everything, not just termites. mostly chemicals and safety protocols.

Thank you William.
Please keep in mind it is not a “federal form”.

The National Pest Management Association form is required for real estate transactions involving HUD/VA loans (except in states that mandate use of their own forms).

I know that its not a federal form, I put it that way as HUD/VA are both federal entities.
I just wanted to clarify a home inspector can not use the form, or perform a paid termite inspection . a HI can do a termite inspection as part of the home inspection but its not official in any way.

When you go on the NJDEP it says use the PACER system for all certs but the NJPMA is saying that you can take accredited courses through them. This is what I mean by bureaucracy in NJ. Everyone wants a piece of the proverbial pie $$$.

Please sign up for the waiting list - the director encouraged me to recruit others to sign up for the waiting list for the class at the end of June or else we all need to wait until September!

Please sign up for the waiting list too David!

So it is 2 classes, the 7B class and the pesticide class to be able to fill out the form, correct?

The NJPMA needs to up their game on their website. There is literally no link to click to register.

It’s difficult to navigate but there is a link that says: click here to be added to our waiting list for this class.

We have to take the basic pesticide as a prerequisite for the two day 7b course. I took the basic course the other day - I think there is another available session later this month.

Hi all…just wanted to “piggyback” on this thread to make sure I’m clear on next steps. In NJ we don’t need a termite license to inspect and report on WDI. However, it looks like we DO need the 7B course. Does that need to be competed thru the NJPMA, or are there other options in Jersey? Also, what exactly is the basic pesticides prerequisite for the 7B class that was mentioned here…is that also thru NJPMA? I obviously don’t want to be filling out papers without the proper credentials haha. Thanks!