New logo for Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc.

InterNACHI Design & Print Services:

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That’s one sick logo! Nice one Levi!

Levi you are a master at the invent of Logos.
He’s the bloody king mate:-)

Nick, the Coat of Arms is the stroke of genius behind my company name. I have Montreal’s coat of arms displayed on my websites header.

For any new or older members that are dissatisfied with your anticipated business performance as of now, please read below.

**Don’t be short sighed. **:o
Upon reflection I see the many missed opportunities. “I have mostly myself to blame.” I should have been focusing on the reams of business related material InterNACHI offers freely to its members. This will not happen again.

PS: I am awaiting the brochure and business card proofs. If its anything like the logo I will surely be pleased.
Nick, Levi, I thank you.

Robert what is that funny looking brown thing on the top.:mrgreen:

Our proud Canadian mascot Kevin. All male Canadians love Beaver
Opps, beaver tails.:wink:

Levi’s logos look great in print BTW. This one is awesome.

It looks great printed Nick. Levi is a skilled at his work.
Happy he is with InterNACHI.
Thanks again Levi.

Robert, it’s great to hear that the logo worked out so well! I sincerely appreciate the compliments.

It will be great to see how the brochures turn out.


Are you aware of Québec French language law:

Oh yea, bill 104. Yes Marcel I have. I object to it as a human being.
Why you bringing up politics?
All the best.


You are living in the past, time to grow up!

All it takes is for one of your competitor’s to complaint to the office québecoise de la langue française at link below and you could be fined and possibly closed down!

Sorry to go off thread in a way Nick and Levi.
Marcel, thank the astute North American InterNACHI home inspectors & Nick Gromicko that allowed a bilingual CMI website and other bilingual educational courtesies when Quebec only represents .2 percent on InterNACHI.
Also explain to them what" Quebec’s coat of arms symbols represents" please and the language they represent Marcel.

Sorry for the edit. I was truly caught off guard by Marcel point.
He is a great InterNACHI member and helps many.

Its OK.

Now you have to be kidding me Marcel. HA HA HA HA
We are all reliving the past and paying a financial price.
Wake the hell up mate!!
Not for long as the polls read.

Marcel, giving you and the group a rough prepared me for anything. You will do and say anything.
You think that a langue is everything and Money and Ethnics are the heart to your problems.

Too bad Marcel.
So sad Marcel.

It will be refreshing when any langue can be spoken without looking for 80 language police.

One last kicker Marcel.
It will be translated as will everything else.
Your arrogance about what other should do is a disgrace to humanity. A bloody disgrace.

This thread was started to applaud a man for his work yet Marcel has to try to control and threaten a member.

Its bloody fools, YES FOOLS LIKE YOU that degrade the once proud province.

Grow up. man Marcel, humanize yourself buddy. You have hit a new bottom.

I’m keeping out of this one since I lived through the French language police in France trying to impose French on words they perceived to be English. When the tried to change Telephone (A Greek word) to “Appareil pour parler sur des distances longues” found it wouldn’t fit on the public phone boxes and reverted to “Telefon” it hit me that they had way too much tax payers money, and not enough idea how to use it sensibly.


Is having another episode…:roll:

It doesn’t matter what I or you think, the law is the law regardless of who is in power. More info to familiarize yourself in bringing your business in compliance with the law at link below:

Your Quebec laws sure have got you guys in allot of Hot Water Lately.