New looking for direction

I recently enrolled in the online courses to become a Home Inspector. I have been in the REO industry for about 3 years now and wanted to branch out even further. My ultimate goal is start my own inspection business like most of you but I really want to get my feet wet first. Is there any companies that hire new inspectors or apprentice type programs. I really want to be sure I can provide the best service to my customers and have a good feel for everything before I jump straight into starting my own business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

Read through the archives of the MB here, there is a ton of information that has been posted. First fill out your profile in the control panel so you can get more accurate responses for your area.

A lot of good info on here but like everything else in life there is no easy way

How much are you offering to pay these companies to take you on, train you, and release you to compete against them?

Alan the best thing to remember . to educate your self on everything you possible can . Stay honest no matter how tough it gets . Do not low ball to get jobs . After obtaining the courses you need , get you License contact someone that has a good reputation and see if they need help . Most will turn you down because they are afraid of competition .But there is always that one that is confident with his or her business . Be up front with them that your planing being on your own in a year or what ever time frame your planning . Work hard , be early , be vigilant . If you do out on your own treat the people that help you get in the business with respect . Most Home inspectors try helping each other with opinions and information , Most of the time . It is a great industry . And Nachi is a great start