New marketing tool offered by a member. Put in your truck's rear window. YouTube.

For a custom rear truck sign contact Robert Bracewell at

How well is this received by the cops?-X

A better video on this by Rob.

You got a good question Boddy, In Ohio we are not allowed to block the back glass for saftey reason. This is a nice idea though

Thanks Nick,
Here is another video that shows what it looks like in the daytime. I advertise for other businesses as well, and I have had people literally chase me down to find out about my signs and where they can get one. No one can go by this day or night without reading it. Call me at 904-629-2779 cell. My name is Robert, and I own On The Level Home Inspection Of Florida.
Thanks again…

Hey guys or gals,
I have talked with the authoriteis and I’m selling some of these to law enforcement here in Jax. They don’t seem to have a problem with it at all. I know there may some ordinances against flashing lights on vehicles, but so far I haven’t had a problem and these things are Scrolling messages, with LED, which is totally different. I did a display at the local police athletic league two months ago to benefit handicapped kids, they loved it. It will get you noticed. But if concerned, I would check with the authorities in your area first…

On The Level Home Inspection Of Florida…
P.S. It has got me some home inspection business…

Do you have a website where we can see what you have to offer?

Very well here in Jax, and everywhere else in Florida that I know of. It’s just a scrolling message like you see on the highway everyday. And everyone asked me the same question about police, I have been riding around for over two months now without an issue, and we have plenty of cops here. Also, I’m selling to to a local officer for his political campaign…

Unfortunately, I’m still working on it. But it should be up soon. Been real busy with showing this. Plus, my friend and expert on websites is going to help me soon… Thats John, from informed Decisions home inspections…

I really only have two sizes for vehicles, this one which is 15"x40"x2.75" the other one is 12"x50"x2.75"

product information and prices? You can pm me if you do not want to post the price in public right now

Very nice Robert!!

Illegal in Missouri (but very, very cool!)