New option for wind mit wall attachments?

This house is only one year old, hard to believe they would only use clips… this is on the second floor, so wood frame wall, but the clips are on BOTH sides of the truss, and have what looks like 8 nails each.

Wondering if this could classify as strap since on both sides, and so many nails. Never seen this before…

Also, anybody else do wind mitigations on newer homes? Wondering if they still get any discounts when the homeowner gets one voluntarily.

I would classify it as CLIPS no matter how many nails.
The metal connectors do not wrap over the top of the truss.
Don’t know what happens for discounts.
I hear some carriers give opening credits based on a new build, but how would they know what the roof to wall connection is without a report.

Exactly. That’s why I am so surprised to see this on a new home! Doesn’t make sense to go with the next to lowest strength option… Seems like that could be a lawsuit waiting to happen. I assume the first floor has a single strap with the bond beam, but there was no access to that area, and this would be the least of the two anyways…

Yes, the weakest link rules.
Also, how does the carrier rate the roof geometry.
Perhaps they don’t want a report to apply a hip credit & give it an other style by default. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Agreed, it’s still a stupid home owner/builder type of clip.
A Contractor here in Florida shouldn’t even think about!

Exactly Brother looks like a court appearance on the way!

Just realized I forgot to add the pic!!

added pic, I forgot originally

What are you guys finding wrong with this clip?

It come with the engineering package… That dictates what attachments are used…

Just wondering why they would use it on a new home, because it is now rated with ‘clips’, the next level above toe nails… sure doesn’t help out their insurance rates, and isn’t as strong as a single or double strap

Like I posted … It is in the engineering package.
That clip is fine. You will mostly see clips on a frame home.
In addition, just because it has clips doesn’t mean they will get less or more of a discount.
The order on the form doesn’t necessarily mean from bad to good.
If you were in a HVHZ you would see different types of clips/straps based on the engineering.

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Don’t be so sure. Here in Central Florida inland areas, I’ve seen many insurance price quotes (actual letters sent to homeowners) where the clip discount is the exact same as a strap discount. It’s listed on the form they send out specifying all the various discounts available per line item.

Thank you!

Good to know. Thx guys!
(The wind mitigation is new to me)…

Interesting, but like your follow up and the note from Simpson:

Seismic and Hurricane Ties
This product’s information may differ depending on the category of use. You are currently viewing details related to Seismic and Hurricane Ties. You can also view product information related to the categories of: Hurricane Ties for Plated Truss, Hurricane Ties for Masonry, Roof Truss and Rafter Connectors, Ties, and Straps for Cold-Formed Steel Construction

I have built in Florida, wood, block and so on, I’ve never seen an Architectural drawing in Florida that called for that type. when I’ve seen the generic form of Simpson at lowes that looks like that. I always though of it as home owner junk.
Honestly, i would never use that clip, I like the strap over type if it is wood frame.

And double strap with three nails per side if it is block.
If they are letting it fly, nothing we can do but put the picture in the report and call it a clip like it is.
If it’s a new build, you can look at the plan and see what they are calling for.
Because Daniel is in the Tampa area ( I Think ) I believe someone used the wrong clip.

And in his picture, it doesn’t look like it could be tied to both top plates.

My other problem with this clip is over nailing in a truss can split and weaken wood.

I worked rebuilding after Andrew and Katrina and seen a lot broken ends on rafters, joist and trusses from split wood on the ends.

We will know only when the weather puts it to test, as I’m sure Simpson has done their best to simulate.

Yes, that was my concern too when I first saw it
and yes, I am near Tampa, and swamped!:slight_smile:

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I don’t think many thought that was the clip in the OP, Roy…don’t know for sure.

It looks like an H10…I’m happy with that…Yep!

That is why we use hanger bracket nails…