Wind mitigation roof attachment

What type of attachment this is and what to check on the wind mit form.

Sadly it looks like a clip, for a wind mit.

thats what i thought. So it would be clips and then check the box that states: "Metal connectors that do not wrap over the top of the truss/rafter, or"



By the OIR definition, “clip”

What about the incorrect nails? Isn’t that a problem?

Yes! all holes needs a nail.

You mean the one that’s not bent over?:stuck_out_tongue: For the 1802, empty nail holes matters not, as long as there are a minimum of 3 nails installed.

On all Simpsons strap/connectors ( and the others) all holes should be filled with the apportated nails. Regardless…

Sure, on a new build…

Ok. I thought they had to be the nails specifically for straps and clips like what Simpson sells. One lesson for today.:slight_smile:

They didn’t have those stubby nails back then. Those a 16d commons in the photo.

So a 12d would not be good?

Those were used too. No problem.

That is not the straps problem Brad…Huh?
They put the holes there for a reason.
If they used the wrong straps that is their problem.
Them so called stubby hanger bracket nails and been around a very long time.

Ok thanks Brad.

I’ve been framing since the early 80’s and didn’t start using stubbys until positive placement and palm nailers came out in the 90’s. The OP’s photo looks like 70’s vintage. 12d and 16d commons were what we had in our pouch…same nail we put the walls together with.

We’re talking about what qualifies as a clip on the 1802, not anything else here.

I started as a helper in '83 in Tampa. Nailed on my share of clips by hand but don’t remember the nails we used.

In that case I agree.!