New plumbing vent technology

I really have no idea what they were trying to accomplish here. A vent?:mrgreen:

Not a vent.

Obviously. I don’t know why someone would tape a green funnel onto a drain saddle though.

People do strange things. While this might not work well as a drain it does have great entertainment value. It made both of us smile.

Ha. Agreed.

More freaked out by Casper the Ghost on the wall just left of the trap.

Around here I call out plastic 1/4 inch waterlines to fridges.
Not allowed.

That was probably the drain connection for a RO under sink filter, and they needed something to plug the hole once removed. Grabbed the nearest thing in the junk drawer.

It looks like a abandonded drain connection for a RO system

Ya trigger finger is faster than mine:p


Because plastic waterlines are not allowed here.
Pex is not allowed either as it is plastic as well.
I suggest they switch to copper.

I was going to say drain for a reverse osmosis system…

For easy ear wax removal , no mess goes right down the drain…