New product: Protimeter SurveyMaster® moisture meter

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Whatever happened to deals for InterNachi Members??


The Timbermaster is not the same as the SurveyMaster®

Follow the exact directions to order, if you are an InterNACHI member. You’ll see. If you can’t follow those directions, you won’t be able to operate the meter. :wink:


DUH! So you pick the ONE unit listed that doesn’t match exactly the SAME Model number to the one being offered by IO. Typical Nick.

I don’t waste my time jumping through hoops, or down the proverbial Nachi rabbit hole, without first knowing the pertinent information. This is no different than people selling crap, ie Radon CRM’s and used cars… without giving any REAL information or even an asking price!! IMO, they deserve to sit on it till it rots. YOU are trying to make me buy something. YOU need to bend over backwards… not me (buyer).

The ordering instructions just takes you on a never-ending journey through links.

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Like I said…

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Put it in your cart.

The Timbermaster is a completely different meter than the one which is the topic of this thread. It would be like pointing to a Mercedes C class and noting it costs less than a G wagon.

I went through everything, it’s 10% off for nachi members.

Wow! 18 hours for someone to find what Nick could have stated in 5 minutes (or less)!!

We call it our Nancy Pelosi system. You have to buy it to know what we’re charging you. :wink: