Are there any particular meters you all want? I'll buy a bunch in bulk.

… and offer them to members at our bulk pricing cost.

Magnetic field testers, Outlet testers, Laser pointers, Boot covers,

gas and CO detectors.

moisture meters

:smiley: How about Thermal Cameras?:smiley:


Moisture meters. I’ve not bought one b/c of price and not wanting to get too electronic oriented. But for the right price… :smiley:

Get me models. Get me the best out there. Inflation is going through the roof this year and I’m going to start and stock an InterNACHI wharehouse now.

Protimeter Surveymaster.

What he said.

Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus for a non-destructive moisture meter.


$329.00 lowest I can find…


$385.00 at Inspection Depot!


Same & Extech.



And put a little markup on the items to help iNACHI

Just a little


Pin and Pinless moisture meter combo.

Some area you cannot scan and some areas you cannot pin.

You asked :-;;

Kestrel Weather Instruments will do custom branding on their weather meters. I use their HVAC model and swear by it. Look into them about getting the InterNACHI logo on them. They offer a pretty big price break if you buy in bulk from what I remember. would be nice.