New, proposed CMI arm patch.

New, proposed CMI arm patch:

Not to take away from it Nick it looks to much like a military or police patch, How ever it is just my opinion .

Nick I agree with Wayne. You know I love CMI more than anyone (probably even then you .) But that is not a great design, way to military and In my opinion that isn’t really cool.

Also nobody really knows what CMI stands for other then those in our biz until they are told like in our marketing and sales. That being said it does no good nor ads any marketing value at all.


Our ex-military CMIs asked for it.

More appropriate!

Then that should be included on patch (military veteran, or similar). It looks horrible otherwise.

What if we made it blue on white?

Please don’t discontinue the original!

Master sergeant Huh?
I’d rather be a General

Please don’t use this new patch design.

Describe the CMI shoulder patch you imagine.

It’s ok to “Just Say No”.

How 'bout none? I wouldn’t want it. (ex-military here)

very rough draft
Pentagon shape patch

very rough draft of an idea
5-stars represent the main branches of the military
Pentagon (house) obvious shape for the patch

That looks better than the master Sargent one, but still do not discontinue the original!

Well now Barry, let’s get realistic here. That would never ‘fly’ as ALL CMI’s wouldn’t be able to wear that patch! And we all know that if some couldn’t wear it, then they would insist that another patch was designed for them!
But… I guess if you need a patch to judge your worth… :roll:

i’m still waiting

you’re hired :wink: