New rack card promoting Move-In Certified to home buyers

A new rack card informing home buyers of the benefits of purchasing a house that has been Move-In Certified will soon be available on Inspector Outlet.

Add your business card to the space provided on the back, or contact me to have a custom set designed for your business. InterNACHI’s logo and marketing design services are free for members.

Nice work.

I’m ready to start pushing this hard in this area. I found this but when I looked through Inspector Outlet I could not find them? Are these available? I love the design and would be interested in ordering some. Please advise. Thanks Ken

this is awesome!!! I have been handing out the full size move in sheets. When I hand out the sheets and the buy back card at the same time the REA’s always ask why dont you have an awesome card like this one for the Move in Certified? Now I will!! Get me some of those as soon as they’re available from the printers.

I like it.

We have these:

Not the same thing.

I currently using the MIC Marketing pieces most people don’t like the size. I have had numerous comments suggesting MIC in the size of the buy back cards. Now I can make that happen

We’ll have those Move-In Certified rack cards in stock and available for purchase through Inspector Outlet by the end of next week.

Excellent - can’t wait !!

Thanks Nick - placed my order.