New rack cards to promote Certified Master Inspectors.

There is a space on the rack card to affix your label or business card.

Very nice Nick!

Heading out to RE offices in KC. Thanks Nick and Jessica.

CMI Brochures.jpg

Gary, those look awesome.

400 delivered in racks to offices in the last two weeks; no phone calls yet.

I believe here in KC agents are afraid to suggest a master inspector, because we have a better chance of finding defects. Sad that they prefer the $199 guys. Only two inspections so far this month, and had very few in September. This past summer was very good, however; best in several years. September 1st rolled around, and the phone just quit ringing. Dan B. says the same thing, as he and I have had many conversations the last two weeks to discuss why business is so slow here in KC all of a sudden.

Very cool.

Staple your business card to the rack cards and the rack cards to this:

Americans don’t throw out books. It is the marketing gift that keeps on marketing.