New remote panel in kitchen closet and more?

Did an inspection on a foreclosure (Fannie Mae) today with an “updated service”. There was a new Eaton panel installed in the basement with a 100 amp breaker. No supplemental ground rods installed, A/C wired to a single pole breaker, No circuit labels, 3 conductors (original & frayed) from pole to original weatherhead and original conductors from the round meter socket to the new panel. New remote distribution panel in kitchen closet (Have no idea what was there prior).

I called listing agent for the name of the “electrical contractor” who did the work and he told me they pulled the meter and the power company was there immediately with a red tag and fine as no permits were pulled (go figure). He said he will give me the name tomorrow as the company is out of Minnesota but charged $2k for the work.

I don’t believe the new panel in the closet is acceptable location. Permits were not issued as I know the AHJ and he would have had a bird. With all of the other problems, What would you do?

2014-07-16 11.16.11.jpg

If the AC is 120 volts it doesn’t need a 2 pole breaker.

However I see several things of concern. A panel shouldn’t be in a closet since its considered storage and will make the panel no accessible. The main panel looks like it might be missing a main bonding jumper. The neutral from the 30 amp circuit to the right of the panel looks discolored (over heated) around the neutral bar. I see a tapped up wire in white, not sure as to what it does. It looks like 6 neutrals are present yet 14 spaces are present, even if all of them are multi wire branch circuits 1 neutral is missing. (I checked, all your 240 volt circuits use a neutral here) I assume the 50 amp breaker feeds the sub panel in the closet. Is it a 4 wire feed? And as you said missing ground rods are a violation as well.

Hard to tell but the panel makes me suspicious of whats going on. Overall it doesn’t look like it was done professionally.

The reason for the neutral count being wrong is there is a missing double pole breaker for the air conditioner. It’s wired to a single pole and doesn’t start.

Which single pole breaker is for the A/C? I see a couple of two pole breakers.

Why would you call the listing agent to find out who did the electrical work? In my opinion you are there to do an inspection of the condition of the home. Not do investigative work to find out who did what? Just report what you find.

It’s on the single pole 20 amp breaker at the top right of the panel. The data plate on the A/C clearly states 230 V with a max FUSE of 25 amp. There was no disconnect on the exterior of the dwelling.

The person who did this work either isn’t a licensed individual or someone in my opinion was negligent. I normally wouldn’t go there but frankly I’m pissed. Sorry for the concern to my client but we rely on licensed electrical contractors to do proper work and in this case is was done incorrectly and unsafe and if this contractor is in the area I want to be sure never recommend them in the future.

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I see no protection for the service conductors entering the panel.

It’s hack work.

Report it as needing correction by qualified persons and move on.

The white from the AC adds a neutral to the buss. Even with that wired to a double pole breaker you are still missing 2 neutrals. You have more hots than neutrals even if all the neutrals were shared.

If the unit does say max fuse size the fuse can be located in the disconnect at the unit. Most I have seen say max fuse or breaker.

There was no disconnect at the unit (or within sight of the compressor)