Equipment panels

Need some clarification on these panels.

The first one was improperly installed to high and obstructed by a shelf/storage.

The second one had some improper wiring practices.

The main panel had improper access to safely remove the cover.

I have some additional questions on this set up.

It looks like a range/dryer wire going to the exterior air condenser disconnect.
(This was also locked)

Data on the air condenser was not readable.

I get confused on the arrangement of a remote distribution panel or equipment over current protection.

Any additional information on this setup would be appreciated.

I differed to a sparky but posted for my benefit of learning.

And if P.Abernathy is around I am enjoying your book but my name is Macy and not Macey. (A common misspelling)

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What a mess!

Those are “power cutoff switches with fuses” that have been daisy chained from one feeder (from the “main panel”). You have plenty going on there… I love the fact that they used one set of feeder wires to handle the A/C disconnect (probably a shock hazard) and then feeding another set of receptacles. There are so many problems here it’s a total repair / replacement by a qualified electrical contractor deferral.

My question to you is what “set of fuses” blow first in this set up when both the A/C and the downstream receptacles are being used? :wink: