New Roof covering

I have no idea how good or bad it is will try and find more information and keep you posted .

Coming soon to a roof near you . This is new try and be ready .
Roy sr.

Asphalt shingle Coating
Techni-Seal Elastomeric Roof Coating is an economical solution which spares the replacement of the roofing material. It stops the deterioration of shingles or membranes by fixing their granules. Good-looking, it can change the colour of the existing roofing in one coat.

Roy Cooke sr

I have seen this or similar products before and yes these products prolong the life of roof shingles, however, there will still come a time when you will have to reshingle and the roofing contractors I have spoken with informed me that they may well charge as much as double or even tripple their normal rate because removal of the shingles after the application of this somewhat rubberized product is apparently a real pain the butt. So in the end the roof may last slightly longer, but you will still pay in the end. Therefore not really any saving and I would most certainly point the aspect of higher shingle replacement costs out to any of my clients.


This product or one like it has been around for awhile. All you are doing is prolonging the inevitable by using it. As Wolfram implied, it will just make the re-roofing job that much more difficult when the time comes.