Roof coating-what is it?

Any one have any info on what kind of coating this is on the roof? I have seen a newer product for coating shingle roofs, but I believe it’s a newer product. This roof was done approx 7 yrs ago. Any ideas?

11-22-05 138.jpg

11-22-05 135.jpg

Looks like elastomeric.

Check out this site, hope it helps.

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In Cleveland we call that snow.

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I was under the impression that you were not supposed to use elastomeric coatings on Asphalt shingles ie. the white stuff. However, it is ok to use the oil based stuff.

At least thats what they said in roofing class.

Hmm, I just read the info at the link and now I is confused.

i saw an episode of C.S.I. were they used some kind of roof dust on the casino roofs. it was called Winers, or Wayners or Millers or something like that. i’ll try to look it up. don’t think it would work on a sloped roof, but maybe a related product. it’s desined to deflect the suns rays and lower cooling costs.

Does anyone have anymore info about this?


If you see it, wright it up as not being an industry accepted practice and to seek the advice of a Roofer.

Reason being has to do, in part, with the different expansion and contraction rates of the coatings and shingles.

Well, at least I feel better.


I saw a home here in CA in Sierra County that a guy sprayed SNOWCOAT by Henry’s on his entire roof. This area has a lot of snow and moisture. It has since been striped and re-roofed.