New Search Engine Feature

Hey folks,

We’re working on a system that should automatically list our members in Google Local for free. Google Local is the system that shows at the top of some Google searches next to a map (try searching for “[YOUR CITY/STATE] Auto Dealers” and you’ll most likely see what I’m talking about).

We’ve just released the beta. Check it out at


Mr. Morrell thank you for all you do for all NACHI home inspectors.

Gary Oleski

Thanx Chris :smiley:

Pretty cool.

Thanks for your help in trying to get us better ranking through the use of this program. I have already have my company listed, but It will not hurt to have you submit my information either. Again, thanks:)

thank you Chris,
I’m fairly new to the Inspection business. this is a wonderful tool you have given us, to help us grow.

                                Daniel Lewis


Your marketing ideas continue to amaze me.

Thank you for all you’ve done for NACHI.

Amazing -
Even at the top, NACHI keeps getting better. Many thanks!

:shock: WOW . . . like Nick, pretty cool . . . thanks Chris . . . submitted my information . . . NACHI great!



Fantastic Chris

This a excellent feature for marketing, I too am amazed at the huge wealth of information NACHI provides, this has been the best thing I could have done to help my business grow. Thank you

Thank you Chris