New Service

So I am thinking about offering a new service, what do you guys think? I will just remove the defective components as I find them.

Like this window with the bad seals for instance.

Some houses would be gone if we remove all the bad stuff we find…

Is that the seal holding the camera??


   If I am a home owner and you did an inspection on my house.  I came back to the house and seen that you took things apart in my house.  I would seriously have a problem with that.  I think it is cause criminal mischief here in NYS.  Entering a house and causing damage that does not belong to you.  It is a misdemenor and a year in jail.  So I guess it is not a good service here in NYS. 


Exceeding the standards of practice…great idea!..:stuck_out_tongue:

Dully noted Ricky, the service is no longer available in New York or at Ricky’s’ house.:wink:


Nice picture. Isn’t that frame supposed to go under your chin with your booking number?

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Brian, you resemble a pic at the post office. Just kidding, or maybe.

We have bad seals up in La Jolla. They have taken over the Children’s Pool. Half the population wants to get rid of the seals, the other half want to get rid of the children. Hmmmmmm. I wonder who will win. :smiley:

Oh, I think Rick forgot to use some emoticons. I hope Rick doesn’t get banned by the guy with crayons. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we should all think of creative ways of getting our picture on the NACHI mb.

I am glad you said it was the window that is defective. Many times I got removed, usually by the owner.