New to InterNACHI and the Home insppction Trade

Hi to all respected members of InterNACHI , first i like to thank InterNachi for the excellent learning materials keep up the good work , i have been a member since 10/23/2014 (1 week and 4 days ), i have a few questions , is there a mentor program ? if yes is there any one in the York PA area willing to help me get some field experience? . Thank you

P.S My contact number is 717-495-0899 (Michael)

Good luck in all you do brother.

Michael, A lot of guys don’t want to train their future competition. I suggest reaching out to InterNachi Inspectors that work at least two hours away. If your target areas do not overlap, you have a much better chance of them helping you out.

How close are you to having your 100 required mentored fee paid inspections for PA before you can hang your shingle?



Haven’t even got started :slight_smile: (Overseas inspections i will assume they do not count )

Thank you very much.

You’re in York, PA? Say a hello to my cousin Greg Gromicko. He’s an environmental PE out there.