New to the industry looking to learn more (Edmonton Area)


I am working on my Certification and preparing to enter the industry. I am looking for someone who would be willing to potentially show me around a little and answer some questions. I would love to go on some ride alongs and see some live inspections too. I’m willing to travel a little if needed.

Thanks guys

Hi Rob,

If you have any questions on getting your licence and what is involved, contact me either by phone or by e-mail. As far as ride alongs, many of the executive of AlbertaACHI, the Alberta chapter of InterNACHI live in the Edmonton area and may consider taking you on a ride along. You can get their contact information here:
Of course, they may want you to join AlbertaACHI first…

Best of luck.

Hello Everyone,

I am also a new member to InterNachi. I have just completed all the online courses. All that is left is the 2 written Alberta exams and the Mock Inspection.
My background is Journeyman (Red Seal) Plumber and Gasfitter B. Experience in construction in Scotland (laborer as a young man).

Im looking for a ride along to get some experience. I’m also looking for a Proctor to sit my 2 final written exams.

Hey Douglas,

If you look on InterNACH there is a list of proctors. We are coming into the slower season. I used Howard off the list but I know he is unavailable for a few month now. Just call email and reach out to all of them.