Where is the certification exam for Alberta???

Service Alberta says they can’t issue a license without a copy of a certificate stating that one has passed the internachi alberta certification test, with the test score on it. I’ve searched this damn site for 2 days now (when it was working) and can not find it anywhere. Anyone here know where the link to take it etc is?

I believe that you would be looking for the CCHI certification exam for Alberta.

They want you to take all kinds of fee based stuff again all I need is the exam nothing more nothing less. I already did my inspections and all that stuff. I just need to know where the heck I can go online or in the edmonton area to do this last test. Seems like neither internachi or service alberta really have a clear idea of what is needed as both site say you need to write this exam but neither one seems to know where this exams occurs.

Try Vern at info@hcil.ca He might be able to help you… All the best… Roy

Give me a call.