New training videos filmed with InterNACHI Drone are coming soon...

New home inspection training videos filmed with our new InterNACHI Drone are coming soon!

Watch the InterNACHI Drone test flight.

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Boulder is beautiful from every angle.

We’re going to be using drones for inspecting the facades of commercial buildings. More on that coming.

Drones are the future for some applications. Cheaper than many other options. Nice to see InterNACHI sees the future before the other associations.

There are no “other associations.” Only loosely-connected suckers in do-nothing groups (especially that one for idiots only, based out of Brandenton, Florida).

id still like to see a commercial inspection seminar if you guys are looking for new ideas… just saying :slight_smile:

I’m working on putting one together. We’ve just been swamped lately.

Any word on the Federal exemption that you filed for members

Testing the InterNACHI drone for inspecting the roof and gutters of a warehouse:

Thank you for removing the sound of the propellers and replacing it with music. :smiley:

Are you guys going to have these manufactured to sell on

We’ve been testing various manufacturers. We’ll have the one that is best for home inspectors on soon.

We’re currently waiting on the new 4K version that allows you to stay at a distance but still zoom to get details. This is much safer for our inspection industry. It will be out soon. We’re waiting, and so should you.

They could remove the music too.