NEW - Under-structure Drone - Krawl-Bot

This is a OPEN SOURCE project - However I retain ALL COMMERCIAL RIGHTS TO THE UNIT - I Mean if you steal the idea and start selling it!
My attorney will be in touch - Seriously!!!
Lets Just have a conversation first - I am VERY REASONABLE!
But for use in your own business I will help anyway I can!!!

We have a Facebook group here.

Bottom LINE - We are not getting any Younger!!
I was a contractor since 1978 - Swung a hammer for over 40 Years and still do on occasion. My Rotator cuffs (Especially Right shoulder - Right Handed) ARE shot and crawls - Kill me - Heck just moving the mouse believe it or not KILLS me worse. That is why I innovated the Krawl-Bot. I say Innovated because I basically took off the shelf parts and put it together. I did not re-invent the wheel. I have gone through MANY prototypes and designs. I believe I now have a tried in the field and tested model THAT WORKS! If you are smart enough to inspect you are smart enough to build one of the units. Yeah you heard me right “You Build”. I am NOT selling them (well maybe a 1 or 2 ) I have ordered extras to use a build models and may sell them. ( Or send them out if - Forbid some one needs a “TOW” - LOL) I will help walk you through building a unit for NOTHING. A parts list and Videos are up on the above Facebook Group Page. Cost to build a Unit If you have NOTHING related to the project will set you back around $750 - Basically 2 Inspections. We are a group of like minded supportive inspectors that want to see each other succeed with a superior project.

I also have some very cool build ideas about PAP (Pole Aerial Photography) That SMOKES a painter pole - That we will go into in the next month or so as well as UAV type drones - I have 3 Drones currently.

Will let the pictures do my talking. Mike drop, BOOM.

For anyone interested - Complete Wiring Diagrams, Parts list and Build videos are up. This is an open source project.
Cost is half of a commercially available Bot. To become part of the group; Just ask anyone in the group to be added or request to join on the group page. All are welcome.

Awesome what you’re doing, thanks again