New videos being added to our Wind Mitigation Inspections Course

We’re updating InterNACHI’s free, online How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections Course with many new training videos, including this first, short video about inspection tools:

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Nice video.


That was great. Pretty amazing how Marshal and Michelle put that together from all the bits and such.

That is why I enjoyed the day so much. I have always enjoyed photography and shooting video and turning it into stuff.

Well Done Guys :slight_smile:

Poor Dennis was just getting used to the real light they would not let the poor guy uses his most useful tool, his SUNGLASSES. We did get pretty lucky with the natural conditions as no additional lighting or shading was needed.

Those InterNACHI staffers are so amazing.

Nice job

You guys sure do like to do things the hard way! :slight_smile:
A tape measure?
And, get a better camera. The rtw picture below was taken 15 feet away.

Those aren’t so great either. Yardsticks don’t fit in the tool bag too well, can’t see the nail measurement, and the RTW is too close (can’t see the strap space).:stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t need to see the strap space…only 2 nails. :mrgreen:

Yea, it’s pretty rough dragging that 3 ounce yardstick around. :mrgreen:

How do know there wasn’t a nail behind the NM cable?:stuck_out_tongue:

I use a 6 inch ruler that I use for the deck and just hold it up between the spaces and take a picture. nEVER HAD ONE PROBLEM DOING IT THAT WAY AND i AM NOT CARRYING A TAPE OR YARDSTICK OR CLAMP :slight_smile: dAMN CAPS.

To each his own. We are better off when everyone does them a little different.

I looked…

Or, on the other side of the rafter.

For the second time…I looked.

Yeah, we believe you, but an underwriter or more importantly, the client will question it. Photos for for RDA and RTW verification are inconclusive.

I always send a picture of the front and back.
Two pictures of the roof deck nailing as well.

There was no nail on the other side? Only two nails?

You have a picture of the back?


Sorry, just got back in. Did you mark “toe-nails” for the RTW connections?