New West Virginia Law

I just moved to WV,and started my new home inspection business.I have been in and around residential and commercial construction for abot 25 yrs…I had an inspection done on the home I bought in Hurricane,wv.I was still wrapping things up down in Texas.The gentleman who performed the inspection although very courteous,was a goober,and not very knowledgable.We wound up with a thick binder with a bunch of stuff about home improvement and tips.And the report consisted of third carbon copies that we could not even read much less understand.Well, help is on the way.Now you have to be licenced by the state before you can inspect home in WV.And as a matter of fact,they recognise the NACHI exam as an equivilent test to the NHIE.That saved me about $125.I hope that if any body out there is using carbon type notebooks,that they are really pressing down on that paper.The customer really needs to be able to read AND understand the report.

I’m surprised they are accepting the NACHI exam. The word I got was nothing but the NHIE would be acccepted. I guess I took the test for nothing. If you want to find the better W. Va Inspectors go to