New wind mitigation inspection form and proposed rule changes released by FL OIR.

And please sir Nick, your thoughts regarding this… Thanks for your help but it is looking kind of hopeless.

At least they didn’t take out “other qualified entity” from the form. So now the form needs to filter down to insurance companys and they need to be convinced to accept NACHI inspectors.

“At least they didn’t take out “other qualified entity” from the form. So now the form needs to filter down to insurance companys and they need to be convinced to accept NACHI inspectors.”

Good luck with that.

Hey be optimistic!
Hows the old saying go “Optimism Killed the Cat” or something like that.

The insurance industry will not accept anyone other that the “qualified” inspectors noted in the Florida Statutes sec. 627.711. That statute mandates who the insurance industry “shall” except reports from and who they “may” accept reports from. There is way too much money involved and the insurance industry would prefer that the wind mitigation inspection go away. The only way that the insurance industry will accept the NACHI credential would be if the state legislators added that credential to the statute the covers wind mits (FS-627.711) and specifically required the insurance industry to accept our credentials.

Sorry for the dose of reality.

Thanks Steve, your version of reality matches mine, I don’t see any good news here for Home Inspectors, which is kind of boggling if you have read the draft of the proposed rule change.

Maybe licensing will change that perception



Ah ye of little faith. Didn’t we hear this same doubt about before we got it approved?

For what it is worth I have in the past had 1 insurance company accept a wind mit form with not an ICC building inspector certification, not my MSFH # but the NACHI #. I will no longer be issueing any once this form comes out though, unless something changes. Oh by the way, the form is even more of a joke now, especially for resales that are vacant, all you guys who are doing these along with home inspections better have that listing agent meet you out there with that 6 year old permit for the roof. I’m sure he’ll have no problem getting that from the owner or the bank!

Nick, me and several hundred other inspectors will be happy to be wrong :wink:



Anyone have a date when this form goes into effect?

Hi Joe, according to the accompanying rule change proposal this does not come up for discussion again until Dec 21st 2009. It is worth remembering that changes to this form have been discussed for over a year now.



At the very least it is interesting to know that over a year of asking the wrong people the wrong questions resulted in the wrong form. Nothing less than moronic and nothing more either.

I especially am fond of the part where pictures will be required for items 1 through 9 - Item 8 is SWR - I would like for them to explain how they expect to get a picture of this!

Another meeting in Tallahassee on December 21st.

I take them all the time, just look for exposed SWR. The right angle will give you a reflection. There are a couple of other tricks too.

All good points but let me bring everyone somewhat up to speed.

What’s been going on for a year now is simple, once the MSFH funding was exhausted in June 2008 the WCE’s went out on a mission to monopolize the private market given there new found millions courtesy of our tax dollars. The approach was basically to have the form changed to benefit them while putting unfair restriction on all other professional in our State.

I spearheaded a movement last December with the FES (Fl engineering society) the Florida *** of consulting engineers, several firms involved in the inspection market which are also Nachi members and several attorneys. The result was that everything was put on hold, and the OIR asked us to submit proposed forms and we did, along with ideas on proper credentials and acceptable ways to enforce the existing laws to ensure that those bad and fraudulent inspectors would be prosecuted. Obviously they hang there hats on the amount of faulty bad inspections in the market and use that excuse to monopolize and infringe on our constitutional right to work rather than just enforce the laws that are already in place.

All of our ideas and proposals went on death ears, it is obvious to us that the idea was to make us believe we were actually going to play a roll in some fashion and our ideas would be respectfully considered and discussed, none of this happened.

In the mean time for those who may not be aware, the WCE’s have taken a different approach. They have gone directly to the underwriters and lobbied using whatever scare tactics and unjustly obtain influence and financial strength obtained courtesy of MSFH. The result is that now more and more of the underwriters in Florida are giving these WCE firms exclusive rights to inspect and therefore discriminating upon those which are allowed by law to perform these inspections. Furthermore; they get away with this unethical manner of conducting business by stating that the insurance company will pay for the inspection so therefore since its there money they get to choose the inspector. This is wrong, because for one, if anyone thinks that the cost of the inspection is not going to be built into the premium and thus the homeowner ultimately is going to pay for it regardless I have a bridge to sell them. Besides the infringement on our constitutional and legal rights as well as the violation of anti-trust laws to protect industry from this kind of behavior which are being violated, it is also a conflict of interest since the purpose of the inspection is for the issuance of credits or deductions and being that the inspector is a direct contractor of and works for the entity that is supposed to give those discounts to the insured the inherited implications are of a conflict.

Then you have a $60,000,000 contract that Citizens a State subsidized entity with tax dollars gave behind closed doors in back room negotiations without a competitive bidding process to one single firm which is entrusted to check up on and police there competitors; does this sound right? Will they be motivated to biased review? Who is checking the inspections they perform? Are they perfect? Not according to MSFH which there own audits show a spotty track record when this entity was performing inspections for them. If it smells bad to you, it probably is.

This is just the tip of the ice berg, the language on this proposed form that still allows the MSFH inspectors to sign is ridiculous, there is no MSFH anymore. By law the program expired on June 30, 2009; so who are they accountable to? Who regulates them? the language that states “other qualified entity” was not put there for Inter Nachi, it is designed so that the WCE’s could comfortably recruit unqualified non-licensed people so they can fulfill the massive volume of work they are expecting since Nachi certified inspectors won’t work for $50.00, and it is not easy and most of the time impossible to have a licensed professional work for that as well. This is an unfair competitive advantage too.

I will be there on the 21st, I strongly advise anyone and everyone to join me in a show of force to try to stop this atrocity.

Regards to all,

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Exposure of SWR is not a fact all the time, sometimes you may have decking constructed of T & G or the OSB or Plywood may have been installed without spacing or H-clips. How about peel and stick instead of foam. They also want assurances on ALL roof to wall connections, is this really possible–ALL.

This is all by design.



Excellent history lesson…not very encouraging…but well wriiten


Thank you Ed,

DO NOT think for a moment that InterNachi or I are turning away from this issue and are not preparing ourselves for the good fight. Trust me in that you will see, keep your eyes and ears open and keep checking this thread regularly.

To quote our very good friend Nick “*Ah ye of little faith” *That is all FOR NOW !!!