New Panel, Old Meter

Fellow Inspectors,

50 year old home. New Panel. See if you can identify the issue.




lol…a bit blurry but I see a few obvious violations…:)…should we post them or let YOU do it:)

Let’s see what comes in…
Hint… The main breaker is 100 amps

OK…lets all post one and see how long it takes to get a bunch…

1.) I doubt that MOUNTING hole was designed for the GEC to enter into it…:slight_smile:

Edit: Yep I was right…thats the GEC in that mounting hole…shame…shame…:slight_smile:

Who’s Next…

Hi Anatol,

what size are those conductors?



Not fair GB…you gotta GUESS mate…:slight_smile:

Well my guess is that they are far from big enough :mrgreen:



Thats a BRITISH way of saying Mr. B thinks those ungrounded conductors are a bit undersized for that main OCPD…:)…

DANG…now that picture is REAL clear…Bravo …Bravo

Ok…someone elses turn…( please dont say that easy one on the lower right…)

Also for clarrification…Anatol…where exactly is that GEC conductor going to…does not seem to be going to the terminal bar that are in VIEW…:slight_smile:

OK Paul I won’t mention the bushing issue,but what I want to know is when did Anatol start inspecting in Australia?? :wink:



Bingo… The are the original copper 60 amp feed.
The only thing I inspected in Australia was the outback…

BUT thats not all thats wrong with that panel…lol…we have found quite a few…lol


Thanks Paul, I did write all of those up, just wanted to have some fun with the SEC question.

Paul, I agree with your picture commentary that the concentric conductor not being twisted is “lazy”.

I marvel at times at the workmanship of dead and gone electricians, who’s names I’ll never know. It’s a treat when you come across many of these old SE cable installs where the original electrician actually took the time to braid the concentric conductor’s strands. I should learn how to braid, because that sure makes for a sweet looking install.

Braid hell…how about thety just TWIST the damn thing like a freakin normal electrician would. Also newly installed SO CALLED upgrade so that electrician is STILL livin…You can admire him freely…I dont.

Did anyone mention the conector going through the KO?

I always write up braided grounding wires. Good point Paul. Look at all those empty screws!

:smiley: No, I don’t admire this one. Your comment about them not even twisted put me in mind of some of the old timers who would go to great lengths to make a neat job, sometimes by braiding.

lol…only teasing fella…I got weird humor