Newer roof installed by??

If you may by looking at the attached photos what would be your recommendations.

I personally feel the entire roof, flashing and venting systems need to be reviewed for repair and or replacement.

157710 037 (Small).jpg

157710 037 (Small).jpg

157710 037 (Small).jpg

157710 038 (Small).jpg

157710 043 (Small).jpg

Here are a few more, Now I await the call from the agents and seller to ***** at me because of…lets just say because that’s just they way it is!!

And I wonder why there is staining under the soffits.
Harry Home owner Insulation Specialist at your service.

157710 014 (Small).jpg

157710 052 (Small).jpg

157710 006 (Small).jpg

In the last picture the “California Cut” is heading into Nevada.

It was sealed but that’s the first thing that’ll leak.

Picture #3–well, the picture is worth a thousand words. And those words should relay “improper all the way”.

#2. ??? Is that a boulder??? up there??? on the roof???
If that’s the chimney…wellllll…hmmmm.

And after looking at 1 and 4 I’d suggest inviting several roofers over to view this mess and sell tickets to the comedy show.

And on the second bunch—Good Grief Gertie!, what a Gosh awful Gaggle of Goose Grease!!!

Call for a roofing expert–call the police–call the Marines–call for Phillip Morris—

For cryin’ out loud–call somebody!!!

BTW David, did you get the idea I don’t think really good thoughts about that install???

Looks like something I might have done when I was seven years old. By the time I was eight I knew better that that.


Your boulder comment made me laugh and I do appreciate that!!

The whole installation made me laugh!!

ITS A MESS call for a roofer home owner special…lol

That is total garbage. I don’t even see how an agent could question those pics.

Do you need any input from a professional roofer? If so, how’s this.

" This is great example and would make an excellent picture tutorial on what not to do to a roof. Now, let’s tear it all off and do a picture tutorial on how to do a roof."

Made me laugh too Jae.

oh come on now don’t any of you respect the rights of a man to go by instinct with no regard to direction or standards…this is obviously the work of such a man …he works to the beat of his own drummer…with regard to no ones standards but his own
and he obviously doesn’t mind living in a very leaky house…

That’s a mess and a recipe for a leak.

Isn’t that the truth. There should be at least 2"-3" of roofing mastic put at all those seams and transitions… and then covered with duct tape. :roll:

Probably a 2nd layer.

I didn’t see any tar. Why would a guy put on a roof like that and not put any tar on it? Defies logic. :mrgreen:

Agreed … its a MESS> Is there anyway to save the shingles? :slight_smile:

Looks like someone didn’t know or didn’t care. Was this a second or third layer? Any sign of leaks?

“Improper installation of flashing, recommend correction. Inadequate siding clearance at sidewall may result in damage to siding from moisture wicking. areas at which shingles are poorly installed may leak”.

And the RE probably advertised the property as having a new roof. I still think mandating pre-sale inspections would solve many things, but would put attorneys out of business, which will never happen.