Newly remodeled home

What they dont tell you is that the ‘unhandy’ homeowner did the remodeling.

Just a few items from todays inspection:

  1. Kitchen drainpipes leak at bothe the drains - drain line also installed with an upward slope.

  2. Ungrounded outlets in kitchen.

  3. No GFCI’s installed in kitchen or bathrooms.

  4. Water handles reversed in both upstaris bathrooms.

  5. Improper repair to upstairs tub wall - some tiles still loose and wallboard not replaced.

  6. Toilet in master bathroom not secured.

  7. Improper vertical relief line on water heater, and, oh yes, it leaks at a connection fitting.

  8. Improper cord to water heater and air handler.

Those items are just from the re-model. Other items included:

Bathroom vent pipe terminating in attic.
Untrapped air handler condensate line.
Improperly bonded panel box.
The cable guy nailed the cable wire through the flat roof modified.
Two mansard type overhangs totally rotted out and all the tiles loose.
Wahsing machine filled with water and quit working.
Dryer vent pipe has a gaping hole in it.
Dirty air filter and coils.
Two buckets in the attic (could not get down to them).
Damaged windows and sliding doors.

All this in 1400 square foot townhome.