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Next 5 replies get a FREE coupon to watch Paige in


me also ??

did I take too long?

I sent you 3 guys a coupon code via email or private message.

Two left.


Count me in


That’s 5.

All done.

Thanks guys. You all should be getting a coupon code via email or private message. If it doesn’t work or there’s a technical problem - email me.

When you’ve watched the video, post your honest opinion. Good or bad… Really.

Thanks Ben. Will watch on Wednesday, and post my opinion.

After watching this video, all 5 guys should easily answer the question,

“Assume that you are on an inspection in the attic. Conventional lumber. Sloped roof rafters. 2x10s. 16 inches on center. There’s a large bored hole in one of the rafter boards. The hole is 3 inches in diameter. The location of the hole is 3 inches from the top edge of the rafter board. And it’s located in the middle third of the board span. What’s wrong with the hole?”

If you can’t answer that question without looking something up, I recommend watching the video.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Aww Jeeze…I didnt know there was gonna be a quiz!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Am I in?

Hello Ben,
Thanks again for the coupon! :smiley:

Okay…my opinion…

What I liked, and disliked about the video was the pace. Personally, I liked the fast pace. Kept moving along, no time to get bored (no pun intended). :smiley: Objectively, for those HI’s that are not strong in structural, and are learning or brushing up, when important information was being delivered, the pace was too fast. Could leave one asking “Huh”? “What was that”? No time to take notes. Maybe have a download available of the formulas, for reference.

Curious to see what the other guys thought. :wink:


Probably late, but who knows…

Hey Ben, Thanks for the free coupon. I’ll ditto what Jeff said. However, based on his comments, I was prepared with notepad, and my cursor hovering over the pause button. (I also watched it twice.) And was able to get some pretty good notes. Instead of a download, here’s a copy of my notes for anyone who would like them. (I’d appreciate anyone posting corrections here!)

I’m first, if you read backwards!