10 Steps to Performing a Roof Inspection

**Topics include: **

  • visual-only inspection techniques;
  • inspection tips;
  • narratives and disclaimers;
  • roof covering materials;
  • asphalt shingles;
  • fasteners;
  • deck sheathing;
  • slope;
  • underlayment;
  • ice barriers;
  • drip edges;
  • offset patterns;
  • roof valleys;
  • nail penetration; and
  • flashing.

Training Video Course includes:

  • 41-minute online training video (equivalent to about 4 hours in a conventional classroom)
  • Hi-Def HD video quality
  • Instant fast forward and reverse
  • 35-page course book (download pdf)
  • 25-question final examination (instantly graded)
  • Certificate of Completion (instant download)
  • 2 CE credit hours (check for state approval)

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Watch a 1-minute view commercial for the course.

Ben, the over dubbed music soundtrack is bloody awfull and drowns you out


Designed that way.
Music is loud. Pictures and text flash fast.
It’s a commercial!

I’m striving to make really cool commercials for online training videos for property inspectors - a big challenge to say the least. This is one of my favorite commercials with loud music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlXRengzZoc&feature=related


BEN…GET HELP-----:shock:------:lol:

It sucks :frowning:


how about the hvac commercial http://www.nachi.org/hvacclass2008.htm
or the stucco commercial http://www.nachi.org/stucco-eifs.htm

again loud music, flashing pics and text
let me guess - you don’t like those short commercials either


Try again fella.

The music over your voice is extremely annoying.

You might as well as have duct tape over your mouth.

Find some better music and pot it down.

Those two are better in my opinion (for what it’s worth), the Roofing music is overbearing Ben when your speaking…but just a couple of opinions here, others may love it.

Some may click to abort, like I did, instead of listening to the entire Roofing Commercial.


On the commercial you are trying to compare yours to, there was not a single spoken word.

That’s why I have a DVR. I can skip through annoying commercials. And the company paying for that commercial gets nothing for their money and gets no money of mine.

It’s annoying. And following in that vein, I closed the window and won’t be buying the product.

If you have a good product, just sell it. Don’t play games.

I must agree. The music is loud and boisterous.

The problem is…you’ve got loud music playing while you’re talking and supplying information. That’s as bad as having two people talking to you at once.

You’re advertising a SAMPLE ROOF INSPECTION VIDEO, and people simply want to see a “LIVE” sample of the information you are supplying, not the music.

I say, rid the Rock & Roll music.

Excellent…I can’t say enough about InterNachi, I’m proud to be a member.

One thing though, …didn’t care for the music all that much!

It was more detailed than regular roof inspection course. I think I will try a slide show for clients with music with some handouts.


Another quality course by InterNACHI. I am proud to be part of such a great organization.

In terms of the music on the commercial, I was glad that the music did go down in volume while you were talking.



I thought the video was good!! If the loud music bothers anyone just turn down the volume!!:wink:

Good job! Great course Ben. You did not try to jam too much into one session and it was clearly presented. Looking forward to the next roof videos.

My wife Dahlia and myself enjoyed the video. Lots of great info especially if someone is not comfortable with roof inspections. As for the music I personally have no problems with it but can see how some can. When your speaking I would have the music as background rather than foreground sound. But when showing examples or making a point it’s ok as is.

I thought the roofing video was great. Short and concise. I would like to see text with the pictures calling out the findings.

Why are all these guys hung up about the music?? Get over it.