Which Ladder?

For those who have used a Little Giant ladder as well as one of the telescoping models, I would appreciate hearing a comparision and recommendation for someone just starting out in the business.


I have a folding 16’ Werner, good ladder, but kind of heavy. I don’t care to go any higher, not afraid of heights, just falling. :slight_smile:

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I have the Little Giant and the Xtend & Climb. I did an evaluation on Telescoping Ladders here

Don’t go cheap on your ladders. You use them on every job and if you chose wisely, you won’t have regrets.



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Thanks-I’d like to see the flashlight evaluation as well.

I have a LG 26" that rarely gets used. Most of my ladder use is with a 14.5’ Telesteps WIDESTEP. Works great, never had any problems. Well that’s not the whole truth. Being the typical man-guy, I didn’t read the directions and of course pinched the hell out of my hand the first time. Stopped, read the directions, never happened again. If you go with either the Telesteps or the Xtend-n-Climb, get the widestep version if available. 3" steps instead of the typical 1" bar type step. Much more comfortable on the feet/arches.

I also have a 12.5’ telesteps that I found to be a little short on a couple attic access with some high ceilings. Bought the 14.5’ and been happy every since. Here is a link to a decent price. 14.5’, IA (300 lbs) widestep version as well as many others.


Little Giant in 3 sizes and with the longest I use the leg levelers to reach above the gutterline on the second story. It is also worth it to tote around a sturdy 3 foot wood step ladder with padded feet. Works well for me.

Only ladder I have is LG 17 foot ,all I have ever needed…

… Cookie

I use a fold out articulated ladder. Makes a useful 6 foot step ladder that
does not need to lean on anything… or a 12 ft extesion ladder.

And I have also used it at various times when I needed a multi-task scaffold.

You can find them for about $140.00 … I have been using it for several
years and had no problems.

Here it is:

No comparison.

LG is much heavier and awkward but does convert to A-frame and platform if you require these features for other tasks. Costco, Werner, and Gorilla articulating are similar to LG but less expensive.

Xtend & climb is now available in Type I - 250lb 15.5’ model. Catch it at PE when they have the 15% off and free shipping

Telesteps are the ones the Falwell crowd was bashing a while back, right?

I haven’t tried the others mentioned, but Little Giant is tough, sturdy, and versatile, and continues to serve me well. In fact, I can’t think of anything that I don’t like about it.

I have a model 22 LG 2+ yers, and a 10.5 telestep 5+ years and use them both as needed. the telestep comes in handy for inside stuff while you cannot beat the LG outside… sturdy and if it does not reach… I do not need to be up there…

I have a 22’ Little Giant Fibreglass ladder, and its built like a sherman tank.
Its the best, for my security, when extending to the roof line and beyond.
Additionally, I carry inside with me, an Extend and Climb, and really like it
for entering attic openings in closets, and tight hallways.
Both seem to serve all purposes that I’ve required quite well.
I can’t think of anything more that I’d need.

Target.com had this ladder $70 cheaper than PE. I use it on almost every home. I just checked their website and they do not have it this week.

What’s wrong with aluminum extension ladders?

Nothing…I have a 24’ and a 32’. Plus a JAWS 22’ (the LG with the wider base is copied from this one) and a 12’ Telesteps.

Have had the JAWS since 1985 and used it for retrofit insulation work, lent it to friends, let stay out in the weather…an amazing tool. Have only replaced a couple of the spring loaded “stops”. Was rated at 300 lbs and that has been raised.

Am looking at the JAWS 26’ this fall; Daughter and son-in-law of inventor are usually at the local Fall Home Show. I bought the 22’ in 1985 for $325…the 26’ plus 4 attachments= $425.00; …so this is a deal!


How do people without the taller ladders do inspections of low slope or flat roofs??

Too high for me to go.
If my LG 17 foot does not reach ,then out comes the Try pod and 25 power scope.
… Cookie

I have the 26’ LG…looking for a smaller one now.