CAHPI doesn't approved NACHI as a training provider

Hi guys, i had a argue with a CAHPI member today, this guy 2 month ago had done a inspection on a home in town, the client call me 2 week after, (at that moment i didn’t know about the inspection done before) that guy ask me for a inspection on his home

i went and i did it, after being done he showed me the first one, the CAHPI as write on is report; basement wall was poured concrete not insulated, on my report i have wrote:

                    "basement wall made of concrete block cover with white polystyrene foam painted gray, the rear wall wasn't support the home anymore because he was falling inside"

the home is rotten from ground to the attic!

today the CAHPI secretary told me that NACHI wasn’t approved as a training provider

very funny, i am not going to tell you what happen after:twisted:

I did an Inspection on a home that was Inspected by a long time CAHPI member .According to the Now Home Owner he said the inspector he had took twenty minutes to do the inspection .
He was transferred three months after he bought the home and gave me his old report .WOW! I see why he did not take long to do the Inspection ,We took about 3 hours .sad to see how bad an inspection some CAHPI members do .

I know the client told me that he took 45 minutes, it is slow around here and i was considering joining CAHPI, they are doing very nice marketing around here, but after today, i will go back in insulation business before joining them

Glad to hear you Reconsidered about Joining CAHPI ,They are extremely close to be a closed door group .
I was a member of CAHPI/Ontario for many years .

Same thing happening here Roy by someone doing them on a Tic report form. There are some RA’s that will not use them but it works against them when the individual says he has the OAHI as his backing to individuals on the phone. 20 minutes to half hour inside the house.

Colour me paranoid but I spend longer then 20 min just on window seals and capillary breaks.

right now Roy, just looking at there marketing stuff makes me angry

i better stop thinking about today, i will say something bad
and i am not used to do that

It’s unfortunate that some have closed minds. There’s plenty of training and education out there that is beneficial. To me all educatioin and training has “some” value, perhaps to varying degrees of benefit.

At the same time there are many home inspectors that do a great job and unfortunately a few that “regardless of association membership” that are the reason why columns and issues like this pop-up from time to time. All associations have their share of good, bad and also the ugly!

That is why it is important for dissatisfied consumers to not only complain to the inspector that missed the required mark, but also to realize that a documented complaint to the association should be filed regarding and questioning “professional practices”.

We’re very willing to produce an ON InterNACHI Inspector brochure in full color if you want to staple your business cards to them and hand them out. I’ll buy.

Email me and I’ll get you in touch with Jesse. She can work on a design specific to Ontario, but you need to be willing to help her and work with her on it.

I agree some have closed minds .
I have been looking for years to see where CAHPI has offered info Help and Ideas on how to improve our industry .
Al, I see is NACHI and its members giving Ideas help this forum for all to see and use .
Please do show where CAHPI or OAHI has done any thing for all the Inspectors in this industry .
I agree we need to get rid of the closed minds and open up to all.

I am glad to see OAHI has restored Bill Mullens use of the OAHI Forum .
Too bad they do not open their forum for all like NACHI has done with an open to all section .

We will give you the OntarioAchi logo to add also Nick if it will help those that are members and I will help Jesse to have a brochure done up highlighting the advantages of being both OntarioAchi and InterNachi just get her to e-mail me anytime.

InterNACHI’s courses are approved in Alberta (the most recent Province to license inspectors): Recently BC and AB signed a reciprocity agreement which technically means that InterNACH’s courses are now approved there too. There is a reason InterNACHI’s inspection courses have been awarded 1200+ government approvals.

CAHPI needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

CAHPI does not have course at all, is Carson course!
Show me one if they have !

Cahpi/Ontario Known as OAHI has lots of courses and when I was a member many of the directors taught them.
I was told by the OAHI president he made more from teaching courses then he did from Home Inspections .

Construction/Building — May 9, 2012
BC Home Inspectors Elect New Board of Directors KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire - May 9, 2012) - At its Annual General Meeting in Kelowna on April 21, 2012, the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (BC) - CAHPI(BC) - elected its 2012-2013 Board of Directors.
The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (BC) is a professional association that builds awareness of and confidence in the home inspection industry in British Columbia. The organization is member-driven, and improves inspection services through training, education, a Code of Ethics and responsible Standards of Practice.
CAHPI(BC) is authorized to certify property inspectors in British Columbia, and the ‘RHI’ or Registered Home Inspector designation, attests to a CAHPI(BC) inspector’s training, experience and professionalism.
The new CAHPI(BC) Board is as follows:

Craig Hostland, RHI
Vince Burnett, RHI
Gary Poirier, RHI
Glenn Hill, RHI
Myles Braid, RHI
Cris Hemingway
Paul Muntak, RHI
Brian Sanjenko, RHI
Bill Sutherland, RHI For information on the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (BC) please phone us toll free at 1-800-610-5665 or visit our website at where you will find important information about our Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and training, plus valuable recommendation on how to select an inspector - all designed to ensure that you get the most out of a home inspection. You will also find a complete list of CAHPI(BC) Members, the men and women form across British Columbia who provide home inspections and who will work to ensure homebuyers have the information they need when making the decision to purchase a home.
Contact Information
Helene Barton
Executive Director
250-491-3979 or toll free in BC 1-800-610-5665


I need to get this off my chest and this was the perfect place to do it.

I’ve been a licensed electrician since 1990, was a laborer (apprenticing) with my brother since I was 16 years of age, now (49), was a roofer for a great many years, worked in construction and renovations for/with my father who owned a very reputable construction and roofing company in Ottawa. I come from a family with a history in the construction trades.

I performed a few inspections for some friends and family over the years, and one friend actually paid me because I found $15,000 worth of immediate repairs on a house they really wanted that the last inspector missed. Last year, I decided to become a home inspector and started the, “what I felt should have been”, short journey to get there. So I did some homework and registered with Algonquin College in Ottawa and found the OAHI through their Carson Dunlop course outline. I then paid $2,000 for the Carson Dunlop books (a set of 11), and paid a total of about $5,000 for the courses. I completed 9 out of 10 courses since Sept of last year with almost straight A’s across the board and was exempt from electrical. The college states that a student can take up to 2 years to complete the courses, and I was certified in 8 months. I thought I was doing pretty good at getting where I wanted to, and knew that there were other educational requirements needed to get the full RHI status as displayed on Algonquin’s site. The balance of the courses stated were defect and recognition and reporting, Part 9: the House Building Envelope, and Part 9: Health and Safety, just a few weekender courses to make a better RHI out of me. Their site mentioned that the OAHI basically regulated things regarding HI’s, and if I needed exemption from any courses due to past experience it had to be done through them. At this point I was unaware that I had to complete 150 home inspections in one year or 200 in 2 years to become an RHI when I registered for the courses. So at this point I went with the flow and then registered as a student member with the OAHI during school, it was at this point I noticed the additional requirements. A multitude of levels from student to candidate, to associate, to RHI, and tons of homes to inspect with possible mentoring, et cetera. I wasn’t pleased about the aforementioned extras one bit as I figured my apprenticeship days were over. I paid my dues in the construction industry, and Algonquin just really filled the gaps and gave me a heads up as to how an inspector should inspect, communicate, and report.

I really don’t see an RHI status any time soon. To add insult to injury, when I start to perform inspections as a CHI being accredited by Algonquin and InterNACHI, and being that the art is unregulated in Ontario and RHI status is not mandatory, I may still have a very hard time performing inspections where I live. The CAHPI and OAHI sites are doing a very good job of demoting anyone in the eyes of the public that doesn’t have RHI status, even making candidates and associates out to be similar to something at the bottom of a food chain. Oh yes, and thank you Mike Holmes too, for your slanderous words regarding real home inspectors. I’ve easily outperformed RHI’s and they’re really no better than I as a CHI.

I believe in InterNACHI, and all that it represents and stands for. Being a part of this association has given back to me something I felt was stripped from me as a result of misrepresentation from Algonquin, the absolutely insane amount of time that it could take an individual with experience to become an RHI, and the loss of respect as a CHI amongst agents and clients in these here parts no thanks to absurd advertising regarding qualifications.

You’ve given some hope Inter[size=2]:nachi:,[/size]

Michel R Thellend
CHI and proud of it.

Thanks Michel for posting this info.
You explained it well , OAHI has said many times it could not survive with out the membership packages it sells and all the student’s it sells courses to.
Many of the CAHPI leaders and not at arms length and sell courses .
They have many who are good speakers ( Claude Lawrenson is one )who continue to post information and try to get HOMIES to spend much . They make it almost impossible to advance .
They have maintained well under 300 RHI’s constantly since I joined OAHI in 1999.
There is another group who are constantly pushing them selves and their courses .
Another example is below that many spent a lot of money on.

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

In defence of the above post #17 personally referencing me -
**Correction - “I do not force inspectors to spend much, as Roy has implied”. **

Again I see this is a personal attack and ask that you cease and decist immediately.

Sorry Claude but them is the Facts

Thanks for the confirmation CLAUDE , I see nothing wrong with you and other Leaders selling programs or mentoring if fact I think it is great.
What I see wrong is you and others in a leadership position selling and making money from those who look up to those directors of the various groups .
You in particular a** professor** in a college .
To me I would feel the same if my Doctor was to examine me and the say I have this great drug that might help your get better .
Not proper and not at arms length .
I feel it is close to **stealing **from those you are helping .

(" **“I do not force inspectors to spend much, as Roy has implied”. ** ")
Forcing a person to spend a little or a lot is still wrong to me.


As usual, you make things up and claim they are ‘facts’. Claude has never encouraged anyone involved with the NCP or the NHICC to attend any of his courses. In fact, none of the courses he offers are even on the NHICC approved list, because he has been careful to keep them apart.

Now how about you use the same ‘logic’ with your pal Nick Gromicko ?? If anyone forces people to take courses before they can get ‘certified’ by him, Nick is the master. Are you also calling Nick a thief ???
I invite you to tell me that Nick doesn’t make any money off his courses, certifications, and other stuff he sells through NACHI. I need a good laugh…and actually, it’s his business, so who cares?

Just an observation.

Bill Mullen

**Roy Cooke: Remember ACHI ??? **