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NACHI's qualifying subject matter is quite broad. Anything reasonably deemed to be inspection-related can be considered qualifying including CEU's earned for other inspection associations, construction seminars, and code enforcement training.

Would the time spent taking a Home Inspection test NOT be inspection related? The original question is why taking the test is not considered creditable. That remains to be definitively answered. I agree that something like reading a book cannot be timed or guaged for credit, but why not the test time?

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IMHO giving credit for test taking sounds like a crock, or someone just trying to get around real CE classes because they’re being cheap. If we do that why not give CE credit for taking a drivers license test (you gotta drive to your inspections); or how about taking the NAHI test; or how about CE credit for taking the licensured states tests (like Texas or Illinois); or how about CE credit for studying for the the CREIA exam or the ICC code certifications.

Lets show we're QUALITY INSPECTORS by putting CE credit where it really belongs - not in stuff like this.

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In Ill they require you to receive a document awarding you pass the course to be counted for the continuing education credit. Just saying you read books such not count. NACHI need to sent a stander an stay with it the should have a list of approved course the will be accepted. This is the way the state I live in has took care of the problem. If it to keep your lics. then check with the state you live in if for the Assoc. the should require you to get ok before taking the course or have a list to pick from for the continuing education that they would accepted with no promblem.icon_rolleyes.gif

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When I was in college I tried to “test out” of as much as possible. The Coast Guard sent me to advanced training (college) for 2 years (God bless them!) so I had to really pack it in to land a degree.

I knocked out a few courses by taking their final exam or providing some other proof of competency. I also took CLEP and Dantes exams to avoid sitting in a room for a semester. Some of that backfires though - such as elbowing into a summer semester calc course without first taking some trig.

In terms of continuing education, it seems that passing a test related to the field of interest should be afforded some CE credit. Many inspectors work very hard at various tests - to be sure. Some guys don't need the expense of the class and the lost revenue from sitting there to review stuff they heard before (echo?) and need a break.

So, cut the guys a break that need it and give credit to the guys that worked their butts off to pass a test.

Or - do like I am doing and mix another drink...