Nice install

How many installations have you seen like this .

None and never will probably.

Talk about a neat freak huh!:slight_smile:

Looks a little better with the cover on but overall a nice installation. Must have had a surplus of staples.

I wonder was it the apprentice who did this .
I would never do it takes too long to do .
Looks like they left a few dollars of scrap copper with the extra long tails in the Panel box.

Here is a nice neat installation from a condo.

Very nice thanks for this .

You want neat? Here you go…

I don’t see room for expansion.

This one was nice but I’ve seen one that was picture perfect in every ways but I didn’t have my camera at the time…

Neat, yes. In a prohibited location? Possibly.

I don’t know why they didn’t flip the panel 180 degrees and free up the gutter space.


The panel is located on a garage wall, the shelving makes it appear like a closet.

The meter base is mounted on the other side. If you flip this box over it would be too low and if you move the meter base up it would be to high to read at this location.

OK I’ll throw one in too. :smiley:

Robert so far you are winning. Let me see if I can find one neater.

392 A Old Mill Rd Sept 26 2012 133.JPG


74 Thorneloe Cres July 13 2012 098.JPG

Sure is great to see we do have some out there who do good work .
Let’s hope it is contagious .

Thanks for the explanation Randy.

When I was in the field I always took pride in how neat my electrcal installations were. It doesn’t take any longer to do nice neat work.

How could he make the Romex so nice and neat then slop up the inside like that Roy ?

You know you’re a Home Inspector when you’re oohing and aahing over electrical panel centerfolds :smiley:

Another nice one from last week!

Thanks good one.

I am impressed with how many well done installations there are .