Nice Job... nawt...

Hey check this out… doing a camp/condo… center unit of three yesterday… here is a picture of the main breaker and meter on the rear of the property… mind you the unit I was inspecting is the center 10, but look at the one to the left… an illegal tap that runs under the unit I am inspecting (with standard romex exposed to elements… cracking already)… maybe not so much illegal as unsafe…

nice eh?.. not sure where it ended up… somewhere on the left unit… I believe… the left panel & cover fell off upon touching… :shock:

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Why do you call it illegal. Can someone go to jail for that? Improper maybe, but I dont think its a punishable crime (unless of course someone gets injured and then the attorneys step in - someones gotta pay you know).

you know when you post something and you know someone is going to take it literal… I thing you know what I meant… I tried to cover my intent of the comment but sometimes people are too literal on this BB…

but I supposed if they are practicing unsafe installation, and possibly stealing electricity from another unit… it is or could be Illegal…

It’s hard for me to get too excited about what I’m seeing in your pic, since that’s more indicative of a convenient way to hook up a dedicated circuit for something like a window air conditioner. It certainly could be power theft, but that’s more rare than just plain shoddy work. Nothing in your picture indicates that this circuit in question goes anyplace other than the unit for which it is connected. It might not go to the proper unit, but it probably does, history tells me. The most I can say at this point is that it’s ugly, and they should not have used type NM cable for this particular installation.

I guess shoddy workmanship is the biggest cause of electrical hazards… :wink:

Suspect apprehended

:mrgreen: Yeah, you should copyright that. No, seriously, there can certainly be some double-ugly installation that are 100% legal and safe. I will agree that when you see ugly workmanship, that’s normally also a great clue that hazards and violations are way more likely to be found.

fair enough… sorry I posted… thought the work was crap and the possibility that theft was present was intriquing… wasn’t looking to over analyze it…

big brother is watching eh Barry?

Hey, brother, don’t be sorry you posted. I felt the need to temper your comments with another view, is all. The fact that you traced the cable out to a point under another unit still gives your comments some merit. Certainly worth documenting for additional review. All I know is that 9 times out of 10, it turns out to be nothing, is all.

same property… a little bit of rain yesterday…

that’s more reason why i got excited about the electrical… this big puddle 10 feet away… :shock:

step away from the panel…

overly sensitive tonight… bad football day… LOL

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Cool. Home apparently has an unpermitted swimming pool? :mrgreen:

I promise it is not me…:roll:

Hey, Easy Rider, everyone in jail is innocent…hope all is well with you and yours! Great! to see you got over #13]( and now back to our regularly scheduled program

lol…nope just tired of the garbage on that thread…lies run like water so I moved on…lol

yeah…the easy rider…lol…I ended up selling the bike for $ 6,200.00, they are picking it up next week…made my wife very happy when i said SOLD…

But honestly…i would copyright it because someone will claim it is stolen or bootlegged material…:wink:

Isn’t that one of those new “Green” pools. :shock: :stuck_out_tongue: