Now this is plain wrong

Did a builing inspection with 12 units and the first one had no electric in the kitchen with the people home.

Later in the inspection th guy brings in a handyman sparky, and I over hear the seller telling him this guy is not city so do not worry as I am going to kick him outta here real fast.

Same guy noticed I was documenting Roaches and mold in the place and said ten minutes a unit was to long as I was bothering the unemployed tenants.

Well, him and his sparky took off for me to check the roof (yes bad) and they left the door open so (hmmmm) guess who pulled the panel and found this.:slight_smile:


Guess what was done here. (oh by the way one of the meter heads was locked, bonus if you guess which one)

DSCN0046 (Small).JPG

Hi Bob,

You gotta realize that these homes just have to pass “section 8” compliance inspections, and those guys know nothing, in most jurisdictions they hold no building code licenses.

As you expand the commercial side of your business you’ll see this stuff as normal, sad isn’t it?



Thought you sleuths would figure it out but they have a locked meter , and what happened from what I can tell is the guy did not pay for lights and the sparky wired it over to the other tenants panel.

Look at the double tap for the clue.

That is sad, Bob. Kinda gives some perspective when you see how some live.

I’m sure if you were “City” they’d have a fat envelope waiting for you.

How long did the whole thing take?

I was rushed by the seller.
Call for details as it is a story, (but to be short as the inspection) I would say about 4 hours.


I assume condo inspection on an older conversion with the panels in the basement.

Totally wrong, illegal (from a “stealing electricity” POV) and the landlord is a slum lord.

Write it up and (on the side) call me. I have a friend that is the former Asst. Chief electrical inspector for the city (and is honest and a good electrician). He can make a “few calls”, ya know.

Hope this helps;