take a look

Ok, take a look at this panel…just want any words of wisdom you can share. Thank you!!


Not so much to say, really. Square D, with plug on fuse units. I still have boxes of NOS fuse holders for these. Nothing’s jumping out at me in the pic, but naturally a fella would want to make sure the connected wire gauge jives with the fuse size.

Thanks Marc. I didn’t see anything that SCREAMED at me…but I always feel better after some NACHI assistance!

You’re bound to have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled up neutrals in a panel of that style, but I think that’s something you guys generally look for no matter what style of panel you’re faced with.

there seems to be a single white wire exiting the panel unprotected through a drilled (?) hole on the upper right of the panel and not through a knock-out. hard to tell from the photo.

Sure looks that way. Might be the phone ground.

The only thing that ever screams at me on a plug fuse panel is matching the wire size to the fuse. Type S fuses are great if they have the right adapter but I have seen 20/30 adapters (a single type) on 14ga wire. They usually end up with “greenies” in them. I am not even sure why that adapter is listed/sold.