Nice Valleys

5 year old house was not inspected NEW. All the valleys look like this.

they don’t look too nice from ohio Buck…not even if i squint…

Darn…expecting other kinds of pics.


Just poor workmanship…forgot his chalkline. Other than that, no problems.

Settle for an installation defect. The material is alright. :):wink:

That is nasty workmanship:

But, a few hook blades, a chalk line and some work could make it purty. :slight_smile:

Never trimmed the valley. Didn’t know how or didn’t care.

Looks to me like he installed the flashing upside down. I don’t see how the water can be carried away from the house, when it looks to me like it’s already backing up under the shingles. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

Are you standing on your head again?

That ridge in the middle is to prevent water from running down one side of the roof, and up under the singles on the other side.

It’s not upside down.

Thanks Juan, I understand now. Thanks for clarifying.

Actually I was, having fun with my 4 kids, my nephew and my two nieces. I didn’t realize that it showed.

Man these two to three hours of sleep a night are messing with me badly.

Here ya go Michael. It is a short video so you can get some more sleep…take care of yourself so you can be around for your loved ones, eh? :slight_smile:

sorry I am a little late on my response but if the shingles are to close to the valley seem the rain will back up under the shingles it restricts the water flow. I had to do a roof repair because the installer had his shingles to close to the valley seem. I also use roof tar caulk under each shingle up the valley

Michael …

You may wanta look in your roofing book from wherever you went to home inspection school. I’d bet they got pictures of roofing valleys, etc that maybe you’ve just forgot what they look like.

Buck -

You wanta see valleys … I was at that club last night down by 69 hwy on the way to Paola … Whooooooooooooo Bubby were there some valleys.

Yes he is that’s why the Valley Flashing is upside down ! :shock: Well actually if he was standing on his head, it would be inside out, not upside down ! :smiley:

Ya can have the Valley Dan I am a Mountain man my self:D the higher the better