Nice Website!

I believe this is a new member. Welcome!

Yes it is.

I do have one exception though. When I go to the Home Page as someone looking for an inspector in a certain area, it would be helpful if the site clearly stated where that inspector does business.

In this particular case I had to go to another page to garnish this information. It took a little extra effort to even figure out what State he was in.

Other than that … nice and clean.

yep, that’s what I thought. Very crisp and clean. I like it. It’s very professional.

The Inspectvue sample report is pretty nice too.

I miss my Inspectvue:(

What happened to it Todd??? Am I missing something?

I miss mine too! :wink:

I still have it, but I am now useing 3D. After 10 months I have come to the conclusion that for a computer challenged HI Inspectvue is a far better choice as it is much easier to learn. 3D has a pretty steep learning curve in comparison and porter valley has far better tech support, Lorne is great.