Carson Dunlop Toronto Conference

I would just like to say thank you to interNACHI for having a booth at the Toronto conference on the weekend. You were well represented by Stephanie, Roy Cooke and Nick Gromicko. There were other associations at the show but were not nearly as well represented. The amount of information you had to offer was tremendous. I think one of the other associations were giving out mints?

All three of you took time out with me to answer my questions, also asking about my own business.
After the whole conference had cleared out (even the staff) Nick was still there with me answering my grilling questions/concerns. He walked me all the way through the convention hall, through the lobby up to the restaurant where others were standing, waiting for Nick to show up for dinner. That 5 minute walk was a lesson in itself! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the dinner, (my loss) but I’m sure it would have been a learning experience.

I drove about an hour and a half to go specifically to the interNACHI booth to see, listen and learn. I got much more than I expected.
For all of the locals that didn’t attend, I think you have missed out on a valuable opportunity. I wonder what it would have cost me if I would have been charged for the one on one time with the 3 interNACHI reps?

I have heard some bad mouthing about interNACHI from other associations and their members in the last year. I spoke to some inspectors at the show who were with the others. I asked about benefits from the associations, and what do you get out of being an associate but more than once I received a pause, a blank stare, and a “what do you mean?” I think there will be more inspectors coming over to InterNACHI in the next couple of years.

My membership is up for renewal next week. There are no second thoughts about who I would want to be associated with.

Thank you again,


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Thanks Jeremy I am glad NICK asked me to come and help at the show .
I enjoyed it very much and was dumfounded how well NACHI was excepted .
It was great to talk to so many and all seemed to be so pleased to see just what NACHI had to offer .
Some came back more than once with questions and thanked us for being able to give them answers.
This was Stephanie’s first Canadian show and she was pleased to see how well Canadian’s respected every one.

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I would also like to thank you, Nathan for spending time explaining the different points to me also. Lots of info to wrap my head around!

Yes I am glad that we broke the barrier between Carson Dunlop and InterNachi. Some work was done behind the scenes to accomplish this. Thanks to Nick, Tj and Roy for making the time to get there and represent us well.
I don’t see any alliance in the future but respect is needed on both sides.

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Thanks Jeremy. Attendees were awesome. Many couldn’t keep their poker face though and were astonished at how many membership benefits InterNACHI provides to its members for free. They all knew that we offered great online education, but several wanted to know how much each course was after they joined. We had to keep explaining that our courses are all free to members. It felt like a difficult concept for them to get their heads around. We’ve been invited back next year and so I’m going to make a brochure specifically for this event that explains to the attendees that at InterNACHI… free means free.

If I could have been there I would have been there Nathan.

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I was talking with you gentleman and he was asking questions about InterNACHI, I asked if he was a member. His response was “I was but my membership ran out and i have not renewed”

I promptly spun him around and introduced him to Nick to which he was greeted with a large handful of resources. He will be a member again.

It was a great time. I enjoyed the Horizon similar on Friday, enjoyed drinks and dinner on friday evening and enjoyed meeting as many people as i could before departing Saturday at noon.

There was a good number of the MCS panel members there as well. If there was an inspector leaving that show and was not informed on the Status of Ontario HI’s, then they were not asking questions.

Nathan, we need to talk about having my site updated with new information. CMI, WETT and Septic inspections.

I think we should also discuss the Power Users Conference.

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Crazy pic of Alan Carson, Nick, the ASHI President and Nathan:

Someone flip it right side up for me please.

Crazy pic of Alan Carson, Nick, the ASHI President and Nathan:

We’ll be there again next year.

Well if I am still kicking I will plan to be there with you Nick.